Milestone Ministry

Milestone Ministry Schedule for 2017-18

a. September 10, 2017-Backpack Blessing-“Luther”-key chains
b. September 17, 2017-Third grade Bibles
c. October 8, 2017-Preschool I-Prayer Pillows
d. October 22, 2017- Locker mirror to 7th grade class
e. October 29, 2017-9th grade Stoles for Confirmation Day
f. November 12, 2017-Preschool II-Prayers/ “Praying in Color” kids edition book by Sybil Macbeth
g. November 19, 2017- Fourth grade-Angel Figurine
h. December 3, 2017-First grade-Christmas Arch Book
i. January 7, 2018-Anniversary of 2016 Baptisms
j. January 21, 2018- Sixth grade-I Corinthians 16:13-14 magnet
k. February 4, 2018-High School Juniors-“The Message” Bible
l. February 11, 2018- Honor married couples and give out candy kisses-?
m. February 25, 2018- Kindergarten-“My Little Bible”
n. March 4, 2018- High School Sophomores-Devotional book
o. March 11, 2018- Eighth grade-“Uncommon-Finding Your Path to Significance” book by Tony  Dungy.
p. March 25, 2018- Second grade- Easter Arch Book
q. March 29, 2018- Fifth grade “Prayer Stone/bowl Set” for First Communion”
r. May 6, 2018-Senior Recognition/Blessing Worship Service-quilts/Piece makers